Best Places to Watch Sunset in Phnom Penh

Eclipse Sky Bar
s4People can experience the best view of the beautiful sunset from the lovely rooftop bar, which is located on the rooftop of Phnom Penh Centre. It is known as the most popular and highest sky bar in Phnom Penh. Fresh drink, food, music, the atmosphere up there, and the great view of sunset will relieve our stress from school and work. It is really the great place for those who like experiencing the great evening and night time.

Le Moon Terrace Bar
s5On the rooftop of Amanjaya Pancam Hotel riverside, Le Moon Terrace Bar is also known as the famous one for watching the sunset. This place is not only for those who like watching the sunset, but also for those who like watching the night view of the riverside. People will find themself relaxed with the great atmosphere and a fresh cocktail right next to them.

s1Another famous rooftop for watching the sunset is Chow. After the sun has set, you can turn around to find another stunning night view of the riverside and the beautiful street along it. Moreover, people can enjoy the view in a tiny pool with a cocktail. On some occasions, this place can get really crowed for sunset. For people who like to see the sunset and the night view of the river, they should try this one.

The Fifth Element
This restaurant and bar is located on the rooftop at La Maison D’Ambre’s Hotel. People won’t only see a beautiful red sun that is set at the west of Phnom Penh city, but they also can see a whole view of the city too. It is the right place for those who like to spend their evening and night time watching the sunset, eating European and Khmer cuisine, and listening to music.s2


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