Cambodians & Their Immediate Response Times

Different nations come with different cultures and ways of life, likewise for Cambodians. When it comes to immediate responses, I personally think that Cambodian people are very rushed and keen to get back the response from others via text or email or Facebook message. For example, the response from email, Cambodian people really expect to receive a reply as soon as possible. When it comes to the delay of a response, they usually think that the receiver has a lack of responsiveness and are being irresponsible. In some situations, the sender might also think of themselves as less valued in that time of the situation.

I have to admit that the people of Cambodia are those who see things at the first glance. Their judgments are decided immediately by the approach. Though their response and reaction are very immediate, Cambodians also are likely to welcome a rational explanation to the situation.

Although, Cambodia people are likely to receive quick response upon their situations, they somehow establish low attention to respond to others. We can say that they expect good, but are not willing to do well. However, this does not apply to all groups of Cambodian people…  It depends on their attitudes.

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