Cambodian Grandma Funny Stories

Every child in the world likes to listen to stories about their parents, grandma or grandpa. I also like to listen to my grandma’s stories. She is a very funny girl since she was young. She told me some funny moments that sound like stupid, but I like them a lot.

They start from when she was 10 years old. In the Rainy season, it has a lot of water flow under the house. My grandma was fishing alone on the stairs and while she was fishing her sister came slowly without voice to surprise her. After she came close enough to my grandma she shouted imagesvery loudly. My grandma was scared and jumped into the water very fast. When she knew her sister pranked her, she got angry very much, but also wanted to laugh. Suddenly, her mom came and saw her in the water. Her mom was angry and beat her. My grandma asked, “Why you hit me?” and she yelled at my grandma “I told you a million times – No swimming!”

Another funny story when she was 11 years old. My grandma was washing dishes in front of the house and her big sister was playing with some boys. They were all 15 years old, but it was changing from playing to fighting. There were two boys fighting with one girl. My grandma saw her big sister fall down and one boy sit over her. She was in angry mode and took one tan with her. She ran very fast and hit the one boy that was sitting over her sister very hard. Than the other boy tried to stop my grandma, but she hit into him with the tan too. She kept hitting them until the round tan became an angle tan. Took both parents to come and stop her.

Thoughts on the U.S. Marriage Equality Decision

nakThe Rainbow on the profile picture on Facebook means to vote and support same-sex marriage in the U.S. In my opinion I’m very happy to hear this and support the option of same-sex marriage. Because love doesn’t care about rich or poor, religions, nations and sex. I think same-sex marriage is a very good idea and people around the world should stop discriminating love and same-sex. They have the right to show off their love to the world. They have the right to live and make a family together.


So the rainbow is on my profile picture to show about my respect for who have same-sex marriage.

The question was their response to the United States ruling on same sex marriage in all 50 states on June 26… Facebook delivered the news.     

Ask A Cambodian Student

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