To Go Coffee – Bags or Cups

UntitledThere are many ways of packing coffee nowadays. For a long time people only could take their coffee in a glass or cup. Now, there is a new modern way of packing coffee ‘to go’ that many young people, especially teens and young adults, prefer. They like the new style of packing coffee – which uses a paper bag and plastic bag because it is easy for them to keep it/ hold onto it longer and drink it. This new style of packing coffee was designed for them, as they tend to be moving around more. Older people, still like drinking coffee by using a cup or glass rather than using a bag because they are more used to it.

The coffee is made the same way for bag or glassc1 by putting condensed milk, then fresh milk and coffee into a glass and stirring ingredients. Packing a coffee bag uses a plastic bag that has a drinking tube, then put that into a paper bag that is carried by a plastic bag on the outside.